Research Note MCSS-26P©

MCSS-26PIn response to an increasing number of online requests from researchers for a ‘before’ Clinical Supervision [CS] instrument. to administer to Supervisees in a proposed ‘before and after’ CS evaluation, White Winstanley Ltd has developed a new questionnaire. The present-tense version of the original MCSS-26© has been re-phrased into the future-tense, to capture data from individuals who have no previous experience of Clinical Supervision but have a personal perception of what to expect.

Stringent statistical testing has shown that the change of tense for the 26 items which comprise the new questionnaire, entitled the MCSS-26P©, maintained the robust psychometric properties of the original version. Access to the relevant Research Note is free of charge and can be requested via the following link

The MCSS-26P© is available to researchers considering a ‘before and after’ Clinical Supervision evaluation design, also free of charge, upon their order of an MCSS-26© Licence [at an appropriate Level, determined by the number of recipients to whom it would be distributed], subject to a prior commitment to share a copy of the final de-identified data file with White Winstanley Ltd.

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