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White Winstanley Ltd is a UK-registered company, based in Cheshire, England. For 18 years, it was formally known as Osman Consulting Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia.

It is a Clinical Supervision and biostatistical consulting company, with considerable international reach and expertise in conducting research studies on behalf of universities, government agencies, private organisations and individuals.

White Winstanley Ltd is the sole international supplier of the Manchester Clinical Supervision Scale©; known as the MCSS-26© [see details within this website].

Both White Winstanley Directors are experienced social and health care researchers, who tend to concentrate on the following research areas:

  • Clinical Supervision [CS] in professional practice
  • Measurement of CS outcomes
  • Health outcome measurements/psychometrics/Rasch analysis
  • Online survey design
  • Quality of life [QoL] and Patient Reported Outcomes [PRO] instrument development
  • Evaluation methods
  • Research and the policy/practise development process

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