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[formally Osman Consulting Pty Ltd, Australia]
White Winstanley Ltd is a UK-registered company, based in Cheshire, England, United Kingdom.
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Supplier of the Manchester Clinical Supervision Scale MCSS-26©

We are the sole World-Wide distributor of the Manchester Clinical Supervision Scale; the so-called MCSS-26©

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About theMCSS-26©

The MCSS-26© [previously known as the Manchester Clinical Supervision Scale©] is a research questionnaire, which was specifically developed during the landmark UK Clinical Supervision Evaluation Project [CSEP] to measure the efficacy of Clinical Supervision [CS], from the perspective of the Supervisee.

It was launched by the Department of Health, in London, in 2000. To date [2020], upwards of 175 licensed MCSS©/MCSS-26© evaluations of CS have been conducted in 17 countries, worldwide. It has been translated into 9 languages, other than English [Arabic, Czech, Danish, Finnish, French, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish].

The MCSS-26© can be used to evaluate the provision of Clinical Supervision to a variety of health/social care professions and fieldwork locations.

No other CS-specific questionnaire has yet withstood such rigorous analytic scrutiny, nor publicly reported such findings, to make stepwise contributions to the methodological literature and to increase the substantive confidence of end-users. The MCSS-26© remains distinctive in both respects.

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