The MCSS-26©


The MCSS-26© [previously known as the Manchester Clinical Supervision Scale©] is a research questionnaire, which was specifically developed during the landmark UK Clinical Supervision Evaluation Project to measure the efficacy of Clinical Supervision [CS], from the perspective of the Supervisee.

The original 36-item version of the scale was launched by the Department of Health, in London, in 2000. Since then, utilising merged data derived from multiple international MCSS© research studies, the Directors of White Winstanley Ltd have conducted and published a rigorous series of Rasch analyses [see Selected Publications].

The findings re-confirmed the robust psychometric properties of the research instrument and justified a re-modelled version; named the MCSS-26©. The current scale contains ten fewer questions, with increased structural integrity. In addition, the 6 subscales of the MCSS-26© have also been found to tap into the 3 domains [Formative, Normative and Restorative] of one of the most influential and widely adopted frameworks for Clinical Supervision, the so-called ‘Proctor Model’1.

The MCSS-26© can be used to evaluate the provision of Clinical Supervision to a variety of health/social care professions and fieldwork locations.

To date [2021], it has been translated into 10 languages, other than English and used in upwards of 190 licensed MCSS©/MCSS-26© evaluations of CS have been conducted in 18 countries, worldwide.

No other CS-specific questionnaire has yet withstood such close analytic scrutiny, nor publicly reported such findings, to make stepwise contributions to the methodological literature and to increase the substantive confidence of end-users. The MCSS-26© remains distinctive in both respects.


1 Proctor B [1986] Supervision: a cooperative exercise in accountability. In: M. Marken & M. Payne (Eds). Enabling and Ensuring: Supervision in Practice, pp. 21-34. National Youth Bureau and Council for Education and Training in Youth and Community Work, Leicester

Tailored Packages

White Winstanley Ltd has the technical capacity to host an entire paper-based or on-line Clinical Supervision evaluation and deliver an independent and confidential summary report upon completion [Fee by negotiation on application, for a baseline evaluation of up to 100  MCSS-26© recipients, Level-1 Licence fee included].

MCSS-26© licence holders who may wish to collect their own data set, but may not have the expertise or access to the necessary software to analyse it, may request to outsource this to White Winstanley Ltd. Further information and prices/quotations upon enquiry.

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