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The following are recent examples of feedback, reported verbatim from email correspondence with us, to illustrate our positive engagement with international individual and corporate clients, drawn from a wide range of clinical settings, University departments and national/local policy organisations, in both public and private sectors.

I am very grateful to you indeed for your detailed and thoughtful response to my query and also for searching your archives for papers using the MCSS which address missing data. The information you have provided has been extremely useful and will help me in considering the best way to proceed with my dataset analysis. Many thanks again.

Clinical Academic Research Fellow


Thank you for your email and for your help!!  As I can give your name and connection to get in touch with these high-profile academics- I’m sure everything will be much easier for me. Indeed, you connected me with the best in Australia!!  I’m very grateful for your concern and quick answer to my request. I will keep in touch and I will give feedback of the process in due course.

Associate Professor


Thank you for such a quick and thorough response. I will place the [MCSS-26©] order tomorrow. With respect to [our previous] meeting, we have not, although I am very familiar with your work. 

Doctoral Candidate


Thank you for your immediate response. This was much appreciated. As you may have surmised, I am not a researcher…just a supervisor trying to find a tool that my supervisees can use to provide more in-depth feedback on my supervision, so that I may learn and improve.  So far, the tools I have tried have not resulted in the kind of developmental feedback I hoped to get…I do think leniency and halo biases play a part.  I was hoping to try this tool to determine if feedback might be different.  

Practice Manager

New Zealand

The data arrived today; thank you for your assistance with this. I am hoping to get a quality and research staff member who will be able to use the report to draft a paper for publication from the report.

Executive Officer


The MCSS-26 could have excellent utility for counselor education programs – both master’s and doctoral-level programs. Across its multiple iterations (Winstanley & White, 2011; 2014) the MCSS-26 has held up to robust statistical scrutiny and demonstrated utility time and time again, making it one of the most valuable instruments in the field of supervision research.

Doctoral Graduate


I am grateful for this experience as it will help me with future projects. It has been an amazing honor being in contact with you, the person who’s articles I have been reading while writing my finishing paper during college days. I deeply appreciate all of your effort you have put in helping me. I definitely plan on continuing my journey in clinical supervision, so we can hopefully be in contact for some next opportunities that may come along my way.

Graduate Nurse


Your emails to us have been incredibly helpful in discussion with [name] as part of her research development and I would just like to restate that I am incredibly grateful for your reasonable approach and academic generosity. I completely agree with your view on the use of your scale and acknowledge that without your cooperation [name] would have been highly unlikely to be able to produce anything of a passable standard. As a result of your cooperation though, she actually has gathered some meaningful data on the subject of supervision which, given the newness of the field, may in fact be worth pursuing in terms of publication. If this is a decision that [name] takes, I would welcome any further feedback from yourselves and wonder if you would like some involvement in terms of authorship?

Principal Lecturer


You will be pleased to hear that I managed to get a Distinction (90%) for my dissertation. I have my graduation ceremony for my MBA which I managed to achieve an Overall Distinction as well. I am happy to send you the data once I get it out from my research packs. I am happy to assist and very grateful for your assistance in getting the MCSS-26 user guide to me in the time frame you did, which meant I could complete my research in a timely manner.

Senior (NHS) Manager


Thank you for your comprehensive response to my query. I had already looked at many of the relevant articles that are listed on your website but will watch out for the items in Press over the coming weeks. It is disappointing that the MCSS has not yet been used in low-income settings. As for our own study – the intervention aims to improve HRM at the district and health facility level by increasing the capacity and skills of managers to support and supervise staff. CS is part of their role, although not the focus of our study. However, the MCSS addresses many of the issues we are concerned with, which is why we are exploring its possibilities. Our data will be collected from mid-level cadres providing obstetric care so will include a range of nurse/midwife and non-physician cadres.

Academic Researcher

Republic of Ireland

I have always followed your work and consider you to be one of the giants of supervision who’s shoulders the rest of us walk on. Thank you for your kind words and taking time to read my work.

Doctoral Candidate


My most sincere apologies for my late reply to your most generous response to my enquiry re: clinical supervision. It was very kind of you to take the time to make such a comprehensive and helpful reply.

Masters student


I am very grateful for your kind response, attached papers, and related information below. It’s always a privilege to hear directly from a researcher in relation to their work. I believe this is what I’m after and it will be extremely useful in helping to inform a discussion paper on this topic. If I have any queries, I will let you know but I’m confident what you have provided has answered my question. Thank you also for the complimentary copy of your recent publication which I look forward to reading. I will certainly circulate this amongst my colleagues.

Policy Officer


Sounds good. I will review early in the morning. We definitely want you to continue. After I respond to your questions, I will suggest some possible times for us to talk. Again, thanks so much for the quick turn-around (and the promising news).

Institute Co-Director


The materials you sent were very helpful in our thinking about our upcoming project, particularly the role of institutional culture. I have been given authorization to purchase the MCSS 26 scales as part of a large clinical supervision initiative in [US State] 4 psychiatric hospitals.  In preparation, I noted that in your article “clinical supervision for mental health professionals, page 81, you mention a variant version of the MCSS 26 for professionals who have not had clinical supervision previously and for whom the standard MCSS 26 would not be appropriate.  This is the situation for many of the staff of the hospitals here.  Can you share information about this variant scale?

Associate Professor


Thanks again for your interest in these studies and for all of the trailblazing work that you have done in clinical supervision.

Allied Health Research and Education Manager


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