Choose Your Pricing Plan


The licence fees vary according to the number of recipients to whom the MCSS-26© is to be distributed. 

This is confirmed at the point of order by the named end-user.

The appropriate Level of the MCSS-26© Licence is determined by such a declaration. The number of recipients shall not exceed the limit of the Licence.

Licences fees are shown, below, in Great British Pounds [GBP; £ excluding current VAT]
The Tax Invoice will contain relevant details for Direct Bank Transfer [DBT]
Orders from Outside the UK are not charged VAT
Usually, orders are processed within 48 hours of receipt
Payment of invoices: Strictly 30 days – Payment by credit card is not accepted – Terms and Conditions may apply

Bespoke Tailored Clinical Supervision Evaluation Packages

White Winstanley Ltd has the technical capacity to host an entire paper-based or on-line Clinical Supervision evaluation and deliver an independent and confidential summary report upon completion [from £2795.00, for a baseline evaluation of up to 100 MCSS-26© recipients, Level-1 Licence fee included].

MCSS-26© licence holders who may wish to collect their own data set, but may not have the expertise or access to the necessary software to analyse it, may request to outsource this to White Winstanley Ltd.

Further information and prices/quotations upon enquiry

  • Initial consultations, up to an hour, with either or both Directors are complimentary
  • Contracts are tailored to the agreed requirements of the client

Quotations are prepared, in writing, free of charge.